When it comes to whiskey drinkers, it seems like there are two schools of thought: those who love Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, and those who revile it. But what’s the real thing people should focus on is how Fireball came from nowhere. Almost overnight, this cinnamon flavored whiskey that seemed like all the others established a dominating presence and crushed anyone in its path.

Maybe folks get all uppity because Fireball is easy to take down when doing a shot or because it has a pleasing taste? One thing about Fireball is clear and obvious: it differs from the signature brutality of the everyman whiskey such as a Jack Daniels or Jameson.

But with that palatability comes the windfall of cash, and Fireball takes the power away from the stuff that tastes like gasoline and lends itself to almost anyone with it’s easy cinnamon notes.

But in that notion is where the tricky part comes in: Fireball, a brand that was selling small bottles in gas stations and convenience stores, suddenly cracked the ever-changing bar market and hasn’t looked back. Last year, Fireball outsold Patron tequila and Jameson Irish Whiskey – that’s huge. $61 million dollars huge, and they’re chasing the mother of all shots, Jägermeister.

American Honey or Red Stag never even came close to that with their whiskey infusion ideas. And while most pan those brands as gross imitators of cool (sorry Kid Rock your idealistic Americana bullshit wasn’t saving Red Stag) people react to the imagery and branding of Fireball.

There are Etsy stores and Twitter fan pages dedicated to the brand; that’s a page straight out of the PBR playbook and we all know how that’s working out for Pabst.

Even the geeky drink snob sites laud Fireball as the real deal. Google it: Fireball across the board rakes in the A and A+’s almost everywhere when it’s competitors languish somewhere around the C zone.

To be honest, Fireball is tastes like Big Red gum on fire and at only .66 proof you can down a few of them without going blind. But where who is exactly drinking all of this stuff? The ladies, that’s who. So much so that Fireball has adopted plenty of strategies to wean females away from fruity cocktails and into the realm of shots, where most women tend to stray from.

By adding the title of whiskey to the mix, you’re inferring some badass-ness. Fireball may not be balls to the wall, but it lends a nice notion to some on the surface.

Fireball whiskey is a success story that’s fascinating to follow and once you start researching it further; you fall down the rabbit hole with how deep the fandom goes. Does the average person stand by their brand with such ferocity? Not usually, and few brands match the zeal Fireball currently incurs.

Cities like Nashville, Austin, Charlotte, and Memphis – Fireball is the Go To shot for service industry. Other cities are on its heels with more denizens being baptized nightly. Quarterly growth shows the brand moving significantly upward, and that’s good for Sazerac, Fireballs parent company.

Will Fireball lose its hype? It’s doubtful. It’s a safe bet to say that Fireball has entered the pantheon of shots that stand the test of time and are on the must have list’s for any bar wanting to stay in business.

You can’t have a bar without some cans of light beer, so don’t be surprised when Fireball is sitting on ice just the same, it’s here to stay.


Drink up.

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Author: Robert Dean


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