If you’re a summer beer lover, your favorite time of the year is here. The days get longer, the clothes grow shorter and everyone wants to drink a beer outside. Baseball games are on the radio, and the hot dogs are on the grill.

Who doesn’t like to have a cold beer in their backyard, or sitting with your feet dangling in the water? There’s nothing better.

Plainly put, summer rules.

Should you find yourself cruising down the beer aisle at your local spot, and looking to try something different, the fine people at Coors have a new brew on the shelves. 

If you’re a fan of the Shandy style, Coors now offers their take on a summer classic with Coors Light Summer Brew. Summer Brew is a crisp, light beer with lemon and lime tinge. It’s an easy drink that won’t weigh you down after a few.

Summer Brew is the perfect beer that goes great with fish tacos or watching a beach volleyball game like a perv.

For the dudes, Summer Brew might be a little light. But, the ladies will love sipping on a Coors Light Summer Brew, because it’s airy and light, and honestly, you can’t even taste the booze. Creeps, you now know what to stock the coolers with at your next house party. Consider this your information packet on how to be a party animal. You’re welcome.

What Summer Brew isn’t is a beer geek’s beer. This isn’t a delicate IPA or some full bodied sipping drink that guys in fedora’s argue about flavor notes. There will be no stroking of the goatee when chugging a can of Coors Light Summer Brew.

Summer Brew is the stuff that you bring along to a pool party, or when you’re floating the river. On a hot summer day, you’re going to salivate for that smooth flavor that will be like a godsend come one of those 100+ degree August afternoons. 

Is it an everyday drinker? Probably not. But, what Coors Light Summer Brew is - is way, way better than Bud Light Lime. That’s for damned sure. No one wants to drink those things.

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Author: Robert Dean


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